Jackson Mthembu

Minister in the Presidency

A young student and youth activist since the 70s, Mvelase went on to play a critical role in the mass democratic movement, including the United Democratic Front and ANC underground structures in the then Eastern Transvaal, as a vocal proponent for freedom and the emancipation of the people.

Mvelase became pivotal in setting up the structures of the ANC after its unbanning in 1990 under the banner of the National Reception Committee. We all remember his sense of humour, his firmness and humility. 

As a revolutionary cadre, he understood the importance of self-criticism, always willing to admit if he made mistakes and self-correct. We all remember his sense of humour, his firmness and humility. In all the positions that he served over the years, as a youth activist, civic and community leader, in the ANC and government as MEC in Mpumalanga, as Member of Parliament, as ANC Chief Whip, as Minister in the Presidency, he led with distinction and honour.





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